Dr James Hamilton Senior (1749- 1835)

44] Dr James Hamilton Senior (1749- 1835) was an eminent and much respected physician who became president of the Royal College of Physicians.  Being a very sociable individual he was a welcome member of several clubs and societies, and was a founding member of the Aesculapians.  He was a keen sportsman who enjoyed archery, golf, skating, bowling, curling and swimming and acted as secretary of the Gymnastic Club which held competitions in these sports. He was a member of the Canongate Kilwinning Lodge of Freemasons which had among its members Robert Burns and several of the characters appearing in the Painting including William Smellie, Alexander Wood and James Gregory.  James Hamilton acquired the appellation ‘Senior’ to distinguish him from his unrelated contemporary and neighbour, James Hamilton Junior, who was the victim of James Gregory’s wrath described above. (Hamilton Senior also suffered from Gregory’s attacks.)[i]

[i] Chalmers J, Andrew Duncan Sr p195 & 200