Dr Gregory Grant (c1718-1803)

37] Dr Gregory Grant (c1718-1803) was a popular and successful physician who had trained in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Leyden.  He had an extensive practice among the wealthy but devoted an hour each day to the service of the poor for whom he provided advice and medicine without charge.  He moved in the best social circles and his apartment in James Court was the scene of many fashionable entertainments such as ‘musical suppers’.  While dancing at one of these at the age of seventy six he ruptured his achilles tendon – a not uncommon happening in elderly men when engaged in spirited highland dancing.[i]  He was punctilious in his habits and dressed neatly in the fashion of an earlier day.  Although he possessed a carriage and horses, he seldom used them, preferring to ride his cream coloured horse. 

[i] Grant’s contemporary, Dr John Hunter, one of the most eminent surgeons of the eighteen century, suffered the same injury while dancing and devised a method of treatment which is the basis of modern conservative mmanagement.