Dr Andrew Hunter (1743-1809)

39] Dr Andrew Hunter (1743-1809) studied for the church at Edinburgh University and Utrecht and served in a number of charges before being appointed joint minister to the Tron Church in 1786.  He was also appointed to a Chair of Divinity at Edinburgh University.  He was respected for his earnest and affectionate manner and for his generosity.  He appears to have acquired or inherited considerable wealth and used this to fund a yearly prize for the best student essay as well as giving financial help to impoverished students.  He was a sociable individual and a popular member of several literary and theological societies including the influential Newtonian Society.  Hunter was described as having ‘…no shade of worldly selfishness to pervert his conduct; without ostentation; superior to envy, and superior to pride; gentle and forbearing with all men; but firm and immovable where he saw his duty before him…’