George and William Auld

Another shop front which figures prominently in the Painting is that of ‘Auld Goldsmith’ In the northwest corner of the Square adjoining that of ‘Reid Watchmaker’.  This shop was almost certainly that of George and William Auld, the only goldsmiths of that name recorded in Scotlands Families and the Edinburgh Goldsmiths[1]. No relationship has been found between this William Auld and the printer of the same name whose son, also William, became Reid’s apprentice watchmaker and later partner in the adjoining shop. 

Auld, Goldsmith in Parliament Square

[1] Dietert, R R and Dietert, J M Scotland’s Families and the Edinburgh Goldsmiths p118.  George Auld was born in 1730 and became a freeman in 1754.  His son William born 1760, became a freeman in 1778. Three William Aulds figure in this book which may lead to some confusion.  They are William the goldsmith, William the printer and his son William the clockmaker.  It is likely that they are all related although the connection between the goldsmith and the others has not been established.